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Bonanza Training Programmes


We wish to introduce short-time Software Development Training Programmes for under-graduate students in IT related departments / faculties, of Nigeria tertiary institutions, such as Computer Science, Computer Engineering, Cyber Security, Library & Information Technology, Mathematics, etc.

The Training programmes include the following:

These programmes have been carefully designed to be delivered within a short period of time (3 weeks) and yet precise in achieving goals of becoming a professional software developer. However, it will be required of interested candidates to have some level of experience in computer programming, or any similar field, and great passion for creativity. Therefore, interested candidates will be tested at appointed time to qualify for a programme (not more than one programme for the bonanza).

  1. Interested candidate pays token for really big values
  2. Successful candidate stands the chance of been employed by Codedome Computers and other affiliated bodies in the career of software development
  3. Access to free study materials
  4. Access to live projects from our esteem clients (businesses, banks, schools, manufacturers, etc)
How to apply

Interested candidate must be a student of any tertiary institution with Niger State region to qualify for a bonanza programme.

Interested candidate should complete the online application form. Upon successful completion of the form, candidate will be required to print out the acknowledgement slip that will serve as qualification exam ticket that will be submitted on or before the exam day with a fee of N1,000 for exam registration.

Bonanza Prices

Successful candidates will be shortlisted on this site after the exams and will be expected to pay bonanza prices as follows

#ProgrammePrice (NGN)
1Introduction to Programming (using Visual Basic)7,500
2Introduction to Programming (using Java SE)12,700
3Web Design (Fundamentals)5,500
4Advanced Web Development (using PHP/MySQL)10,200

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wow, wat a great opportunity. Grab it nw as fast as u can, to be part of those who will benefit from this programme, and i bet you, you will never regret it, but will be tankful to the organisation after the programme. I am boostfull bcos i happen to be one of the people who have and still benefiting from the programme.
- Aliu AdamPosted: 2015-11-12

This is really a huge opportunity. I have benefited a lot from the programs at codedome.
- Jibril BalaPosted: 2015-11-09

This is a nice one, first of its kind. It`s really a cool opportunity. Grab it guys!
- Mustapha IbrahimPosted: 2015-11-02

Abuja Weekend Training
Bonanza Programmes

Weekend Computer Programming and Website Design Training coming to Abuja soon.

Bonanza Programmes
Bonanza Programmes

Bonanza: Become a Professional Web Designer in just three (3) weeks!

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